Paper Jam 2k14 tha conspiracy

by Spaghetti Blacc



released October 10, 2013

Blacc Ski Weekend Industries Y2k14



all rights reserved


Spaghetti Blacc New York, New York

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Track Name: Up On My Campaign feat. Lordz of Money & Tecc Knowledge E.
Roll call for my all dawgs Breaking laws up in the fog Wave yo pistols in the air If you is down with the mob These hoes'll talk a big shit Come around they rescind it She straight ain't know how to make use of her hands when a dick ain't in it Niggas wanna be vicious End up missin AK out the sun roof And I'm blowin kisses Lay the Mac down on yo misses Yo mistress and her bitches Stick em up Rip it up Lick it up Bitch!! Tha Kingsbridge killas We some wild ass Trigga pullin Liquor drinkin niggas Where's yo block And yo car? Finna smash on yo hood Like Beat it up beat it up beat it up Beast up Creased up real good Like Once upon a time, I wrote this rhyme Bout these corny ass niggas Who think they spit fire, While I'm up on my campaign Niggas had it coming When I step to the mic Pussy nigga start runnin Ain't no shutting me down Cuz I'm the biggest and the baddest And the Game is at it's thickest But my head above the madness I need the money and the cabbage Goddamn I'll let you have it Hollow tips Rippin shit Nigga you gon need a bandage But I kid You niggas should've never Gone ahead and let me live Cuz now I'm on a warpath Aiming At yo kids & kin Straight ship these niggas Return to sender yes I did cinders Incinerated Replacements reincarnated Still hatin Lames traitin Detonate When fakes take the bait Wait Throw some dollars in the air For once in yo life act like a real pimp It's as close as you gonna get While you still playin the simp Just hold a microphone Spit a mile in my shoes But you ain't never paid yo dues Nigga can't you read the clues Slow yo roll nigga!! Put that shit on park Yo lips peelin off Like old tree bark Act a fuckin fiend And let the 9 spark Is you on that mescaline I see eyes in the dark Tryna get the best of me The situation gets messy I ain't breathing like a human being Because wheezinHEAVY We armed like 10 crazy niggas names spaghetti Get ready Niggaz finna get sent To the cemetery
Track Name: Rapper Killer
I be all in niggas heads Malignant like a tumor Ignant biters Tryna start mo shit than rumors My rhymes be better than ya whole crew And I'm only twenty two Twisted like a pussy ass punk You don't want none with me chump Put a nigga under them flames Just like me reefa Me beef wit every nigga outside me industry ah Stilla tha rilla My nigga God turned rapper killa Cap peelin assed out on the sreet With no feelin I got nillas still reelin Cuz my funk still reekin Don't speak I spray you with the skunk Fuck a beat You tricks just want treats But I'm supplyin HEAT!! If i catch you slippin I'm clippin Stilla rippin like we set trippin And set fire to ya neck Now ask me who be next I'm nasty Give respect And pass me My Rolodex Errybody in the east know I already chief the keef So he need to stop before I smoke him like his own pot I'm awake upon the plot No mistakes I've got to drop The hottest tape To smack a fiend up outta the shakes I'm out the gate When I touch a microphone it's rape And by the time I put it on tape I got niggaz calling it great So who these niggas Tryna jock me Aesop rock no ASAP rocky I got a mouth fulla poppies And aBout to pop off shots At all these punk rock wannabe G homie copies Fuck a fiend Danny brown Take a shot to the face Like French Montana Ace hood smokin bamma Blam all up ya face bitch Lil b think he based but i'ma leave him faceless Time for that nigga and PAC to trade places I plot to pop upon all races in the chase after the paper Nigga I'm draped Upon Fort Knox I pull a caper I'm not in this for the respect Nigga I'm in and out for the check Never break bread Break open ya bitch head Break open tha case These niggas in bed wit the feds And they Steady fakin Bout to wake up to some lead Be ready for satan When I'm waking up the dead
Track Name: Paper Jam 2k14
Smack a grown man Yes I did yes I did But when I hit up yo crib It's to give you kids the SIDS My mouf so fucked up When my gums bleed They can't even drip I don't even trip Comparing rappers to iPhone appers Is like comparing oranges to apples They finna fall from the tree when I gat clap they whole family I reboot the game fuck the fame Who new is mad at me You lil goth ass bitches ain't pullin no licks You hide behind raiders caps to act big When you a dolphin Caps comin off often And all these rap niggas 3 tiers softer than cotton Cuz I ain't no rapper I jack my respect I'm just a dude who can spit rhymes And attack nigga hack at that neck If you call me lil Wayne 2 chains or flocka flame I'm finna take aim and erase yo brains Now niggas wanna yap like the gods of rap You talk a big shit on a small Sean tracc This punk ass bitch fin to start some ysh Yappin like he the king of New York When I run this shit I stick a Kendrick wit the pitchfork While his punk ass gettin interviewed Ima lynch the fool And Tyler the creator better watch out for my rope Cuz after lil b and his folk I'm after yo throat Emo ass faggot In a grown folks game I'm not one to brag but Yo heads in my paper bag Where my weed sack I need to cap wiz khalifah Rip out his teef Spayed the Taylor gang Now which white boys Want beef I'll hang you like a coon Fuck ya tattoos Lil swaggin ass faggot Lil b you dying soon With yo ass on a broom And boom The kingsbridge pack enough doom To fill meager meek mill tomb And that nigga future don't sound like Nathan new And Maybach music copped a hearse For its own funeral And I don't give a fuck if I'm the most hated I grew up laced My case is complicated You think you based Busta you basic If I see weed I face it Lets face it I got that bitch mob in my basement They wastin Maggots creepin up out the bush Fuck v nasty ass ratchet ass puss White bitch shut the fuck up Talkin bout Mac miller Lil wannabe nigga Ain't even Oreo filler As I flinch and get wicked Let my game hang Till it slap the shit up out that pussy ass Lil ugly mane And I already dissed tech 9 So lets move on No respect for wood necklace nillas I'll cut action bronson Joey badass got class So he can't respond or else His ass'll get grounded While he cursin out his mom Fuck Flatbush zombies Brooklyn niggas can't harm me Kanye west Ridin dick Of every nigga in my army And who the fuck bump jay z That nigga ain't hungry He stole e-feezy slang Who give a fuck about his money Son I wrap up nicki manaj And drake In a death grip And kill all 3 Dictated not read the industry
Track Name: Dog Whistle
Did you understand that shit I put out like 2 days ago Goddamnit I'm up on my flow And Ain't nobody know A nigga like me don't stop til I see the veins in my eyes pop Walkin round cyclops Gotta let the nine pop Switch places time cop Bitch let ya spine drop I'm on the mic 9pac Apocalyptic crime spot My grind hot See there's crusin music And brusin music But if me and my brothas can't use it Then I'm bound to abuse it Can't you see I'm in love with the cheeba It's my fantasy that you won't breathe around it neither Bust my fever heat 9 millimeter speak In a cypher with my cohorts Never drippin remorse Or actually talkin about sports Out here starvin To get to carvin on a nigga like messy Marvin And I'm puffin on some carbon Bout to get cannibalistic Best believe a sidearm won't beg your pardon No armor I'm harmin Niggaz is hard as daisies Dare I say dey push up gardens And I'm pushin crank out they apartments Regardless I start shit Like walk up to yo crib and unload If voices tell me so If the clutch won't let me go You gettin stuck nigga f'sho I gotsta puff Puff And bust until I see yo puss And guts So you gon have to do mo than strangle us Punk bitch peep my angles Don't get em tangled I was chillin in neutral Till that dude hit overdrive Now we in some interstellar shit Spitting codes you can't override Ovulating primordial ooze All on top of my shoe When I kick yo bitch ass to the curb Is how I do Time to paradigm shift on out to the next level Detect a rebel On robotussin stealth robotic moves neurotic metal From the blacc kettle I kept rocks up under every step Like an Egyptian You flinch or I cough The cost is you in a coffin Espionage poppin off like yo pops on oxycotton You a sleeping duck Ain't no mystery Out with the mist And yo ass is history Out wit the gift I spit at the speed of a bullet Before they can pull it And I need My weed Bitch don't come around here and talk to me if you ain't got shit To Michael Jordan slam dunk up in my wallet Bitch get out my pockets Foe I get out my rockets And pop ya I'm probably disconnected from my own head Clickin like a full clip Automatic hollow tip lead Didn't listen to any of the shit that officer said Tryna read me my rights but tonight I'm finna pry his eyes out witta lead pipe Them dice em Push yo bitch down some stairs like mike Tyson with lice Light up my razor slice lines of rice My laser ignite perpetratin niggas who bite These lamers incite a riot Then i'ma return the violence I'm picking up shit niggas can't hear Dog whistle silence Whisper quiet But my stainless issue missile will still hit you bitch Don't u knoh We addicts down to pop you Like barbiturates And get ghost
Track Name: System Overlord
Bitch know she dont have to do too fuckin much if she wanna get socked in the motherfuckin mouth Shit on errybody clout Switch routes and be out I'll be damned if these punks get the best of me These niggas don't even go harder Than Barbie accessories Back in them days it was sugar cane Nowadays niggas push that cocaine And I got that cotton candy Makin ya rotten and dandy Nigga Fyck the party I'm down to kill motherfuckas Pop off like 5 up in yo grill mothafucka How u get so mega I'm on Saturn like Sega How u get so mega By never touching a vega Regurgitatin backwoods Would hit ya spot But I got planes to catch Dollars to fetch and albums to drop How u get so mega By jamin on paper How u get so mega Plugging niggas wit tha stapla Down to pull a caper On these banks Who steal my album name For they weak ass ATM traccs Slap that bitch blacc Maybe then she can rap How u get so mega? By never comin wack The dark maestro System overlord spaghetti Comin back On gold shoes How u get so mega nigga By paying dues These niggas charging To the game all the shame they consume Dip to the dungeon to re up rhymes With lines to construct tombs Niggas be out of pocket Claimin raider How u get so mega I pull on my strap Bitches be outta line With my paper How u get so mega I stop the show To decapitate you hoes
Track Name: Mouthpiece Hacc
See these niggas stressin I'm guessin they wanna battle But what I bring to the mic ain't no mofuckin paddle Bump my shit too loud Make niggas tuck they chain Fake niggas with rusty ass rings up in this game Mouthpiece hack I'm firin off Like I'm in the booth With a sawed off To the mic You don't know when you can bust a move Or take ya gauze off Quick to remove Ya paws from my car dawg Run yo lip dude But if I don't like yo attitude Yo getting hit With a full clip Cuz none of you niggas ain't got shit up on this pimp I be twisting up physics Shaking niggas vision and stick em I don't give a fuck how many people gon miss him The nigga gone end up missing Good riddance Stilla we rippin Dip out maneuver Cuz I be crossing cats out on some other shit And most of shit I be up on that shit With nothin above it If I ever seent a nigga fly Tell em run it Keep it one hunnid Kicking in doors With the rumble in my stomach From doin bumps Lookin at yo bitch Say huh when I tell her she's lunch I could hiccup my spit Pick up my grip Pop pills and bill ya bitch
Track Name: Nightvision
See I ain't never been the kind to run from folks Run up with the 9 an leave some fuckin bullet holes Look All you niggas got is networks But I'm the fuckin server Down to flip em like a burger When I hit em with the burner I'm on that frontiersman shit believe it Niggas call me Daniel Boone Boomin blues and now chewy got me frayed Raiding tombs up in yo ear canal I'm comin a lil bit fiercer now Might pierce you with the mouthpiece Or dump you in the ocean While nobody notice I'm in motion It's gonna be an open body bag funeral Is what I'm hopin Cuz they can't erase The game I done etched up in yo face Scamoflaugin ass nigga You can't hide from me Spittin blades up out my sleep So I can scalp braids out When I creep Wearin all black like a sheep You won't see me believe me By the time you make it home You gon be bleeding not breathing I be seething Got shit to say Nigga see me i'ma cut you at yo own show With a copy of my cd Niggas be saltin the game Keeping it lame with all that Busta shit They better run for cover like a punk bitch When I'm about to spit
Track Name: Hexile (Prod. by Zen M.D.)
If its gangsta rap that pays the bills Then that's what i'ma do But since it fuckin don't I'ma just say fuck you Don't care what it did or didn't do Nigga is u still comin pitiful Line yoself up So a motherfucker can get rid of you Time to roast niggas And I'm boastin Ski mask low Looking like al Jolsen Nigga I'm getting ghost Up outta dodge Down to rob em And Raid cops while we mobbin Bonging out to the face kid Ballin out on these basics Cuz I aced it My ace boon platoon rockin asics Baggin rocks of clout Clown I never catch cases We out like 3 G degrees to the south Peep the 3D ya pussy have ya eyes poppin out Like some bugs get zapped when gnats attack rap My mug stay on snapped My thugs stay on strapped For drugs we gon clap Stab Or kidnap Slabs of rinacc Keep the industry blizznack Spaghetti back Having transcribed 300 raps Memorize these lines Until ya brain hatch This is yo mind on relapse On Anthrax Xanax Prozac and acid And while its still lit pass it Cuz be real You ain't bringin nothin right to the mic Recognize no game in sight These corporations got ya cape on tight Drop a tape now I got the boulevard smellin ripe Screaming rape Smokin a pipe Nothin is sacred We some high sidin Flagrant ass vagrants With no patience Eliminatin Niggas on the block assed out all naked I'm in yo purse bitch But it gets worse Better run yo pockets With the quickness Like its a mofuckin contest And you don't know when it's stoppin Prod by Zen aXe x Zen Temma Izzi be up in the wind Again just like a funky slug Bust up all up in yo crib Get on the floor I ain't showin no love
Track Name: GNATS - Karaoke uv da Wild
I bring the funk Fuck who you knew These niggas comin karaoke My slaps'll ruin yo whole crew So these chumps do not want to know me If a battle poppin off I be the first up on the draw And kill em all I don't think niggas can take it Cuz If the war is poppin off And you niggas spittin soft I'll slaughter y'all Simp we ain't down for the fakin I got soul baby You're so mistaken I Roll deeper than a Rolodex drop 10 tapes nigga who wanna flex I'm the CEO When you see me flow You'll get sick Of cheesy negroes Who don't know How to bring the funk when we hit the stage we Rippin em up

My nig spaghetti hooked me on To some potent game But I can't Stand these bustas throwin salt on my name 1 by 1 I brought the heat Till these rap cats had to claim defeat Sayin they brought the funk But who can hear them? Recognize game They disappearin Vanishing right on the curb Or should I say Turning into a nerd Cuz I'm the only one keepin his funk laced Like sacks of k-Swiss My raps is too piff To puff so just pass Or I'll just blast Gas on em Then dash on that ass
Track Name: Die Uncut!!
It ain't no thang for me to slide through And remove yo dome piece My opponents don't think After I roll em, they can't speak Who's the controlla Punching holes Throw dem thangs From the shoulders And I swang like some bowes Ho, my slang is out the door My gang is out control Spinning 'stangs up off the flo I'm bubblin up like rolaids Up out these styrofoam cups You put to sleep On these streets Becousin I don't give a fuck It's nothing I bring the funk Like an oven top Combustin that old mustard hop Bitch I let the music stop And call the notch a botch Not another sucka nigga Tryna hop up on my spot I drop these niggas on they heads Fuck they dreads On the concrete Carnivorous sinister niggas With triggas turned Gravediggas After I fire off brass knuckles You gon be shittin out brain matter A massacre on Madison Avenue And guess who be the master Nigga if u afraid I may be mad at you Go check in with ya pastor I'll break you off I'm flushing up a fucked up piece of a bastard So if you wanna get deceased faster Best believe I bring the disaster Spigginetti Blizznaccer snap a cracker like some cancer And there's yo answer
Track Name: Tha Cremation
A nigga like me straight ridiculous Stick a bitch with the styphilis Hit a nigga wit the fully clip Nigga refocus yo constituents We sicker than rabies Try to play me Maybe ain't the answer Got spades drippin out the shades Witta 12 gauge Is we on the same page Watch my rage bubble up Try to cross me on any day And pay with yo brains I'll play with yo brains Better pray you get saved Can't be faded Okay not karaoke We don't play Spray up in both directions Now you wonderin why Niggas be so cologned out at the intersection They insects receive no affection Peep my inflection Check concept Yup it's no contest Nigga He be the best