{Loess Gangue Ventifact}

by healing music from u.s.a.



<<remixes by H_H_IN_ aka Healing


released August 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Spaghetti Blacc New York, New York

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Track Name: Enforced Disappearances
How u like pukin up piss
Instead of swallowing da clip
Ain't no peace making in my heart
Shadow boxing in the dark
I'm blowin chocolate Thai
Gettin hello keyed
Shootin out the window
Lead poley on the high speed
Sniffin up that raw scale tip
As I bail Chru da ghetto
Kill a nicca if I have to
Tossin daggers from up under my rag
I'm seriously mental
& u kno I ain't gotstno luh
As I creep inside yo walls
Grippin my balls
game tight like a glove
Throwin bows & Breakin bones
Off the flake I'm raiding homes
My raps raising clones
Try to gaff me
Look in my eyes u 1 of my own

How u is thinkin I ain't finsta come back like that
Spaghetti blacc spit
Make the whole block flip like acrobats
On some pimp shit up under my hazmat
Suited when I hit yo botches mattress
I'm zooted make da booty clap
Intruding wit a Uzi rap
Cats betta hand me da sac!!
& I got my ski mask on backwards
Bat piss crazy hollin at nerds
Drive me miss daisy!
Peep my words
Stay twizzniddled up
Since they got me on the evidence
For that embezzlement charge!!
You bitch!!
Track Name: exsolvent
Now look at that nicca spaghetti
Yeah he must got the clout
Surrounded by students in lab coats
Tryna figure out what this thug shyt about
Still rhymin while scuba divin
High off clouds
strike like lightning
Lemme a get a dab
I jus Woke up in Baghdad
In a body bag wit toe tags
Like a mummy in blue rags
But I don't leak red
Tryna start beef over a computer
You rilly gon end up dead
I be swingin with four blades
Out the dark
Ready to unstrap my own straight jacket & start racket witta spark
& I could be out in broad daylight
With no eyesight
Shit if I know
From the shouldas
I'm jus finna let this guillotine roll
Parrots in my head when a lil birdie told me
Bitch nigga tried to play me
What's his name Georgie?
Just finished textin his mom bout this orgy
And the apple don't fall far from the tree
Let's see how much gore he can gorge
Sharpening my sword like I'm all swole & horny
I hope he like a chord around his neck too
We gotta check that shit
If u ain't givin up respect foo
Don't let him know what the tech do
When we crept That's for forensics
Jus a victim ain't no witness
To Suspect I could be so reckless
Yo loved ones all defenseless
Welcome to the darkness
I impart upon your senses
Mission control up in my brain
Awaiting disorders
Fuq it I came to hear screams rang
I ain't givin up no quarter
Hard as tungsten
Gettin hello keyed
Blood vessels poppin outa my neck
When I exhale
Even the poley don't wanna send me back to the pokey