Hella Hemorrhaging

by Spaghetti Blacc

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released May 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Spaghetti Blacc New York, New York

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Track Name: if its all good...
It's that cobra in my veins Got a nigga straight premeditating Off sedatives Steadily finding my zen Glock shining when It's time to die Step to spaghetti see why Cuz he kick down doors like a g.i. Lsd fizznuckin my mizzind These niggas wanna try Finna kiss the sky When they dizzie Klan shit like Clayton bigsbie Sold a gram and broke the fuck up outa Dixie This shit ain't tricky Flick of the wrist Thought I could get caught up in some silly Sacrilege This ain't even batting practice I'm finna climb back up in my mattress Call me when you got something Which actually matters click Switch up my get up Out here lookin like spaghetti Hispanic The DA panic Goddamnit them niggas planned it And could outsmart any cop Up on this planet trick So them charges will never stick Regardless I'm comin back for them niggas I missed Kush crushed eyes Fuckin up my high Nigga I'm pissed Rollin on whoever set it is Six niggas hop up out the whip And scalp ya bitch Slap in that fat clip And fuck these niggas Wit the semi automatic dick Haha bitch I'm all about my skittles and skrilla Nigga u feel? The scratch paper Dead presidents on big bills Get attacked in the vapor Gotsta commit a caper Cuz they got a title fo yo breed Mofuckin playa hatas This tape another notch on my belt My records tower over you Just go to any country where my message is felt Yo respect overdue Yo game can't renewed Insinuating that hatin on me is the right path I break em off a piece of my wrath (Spaghetti blast) Creepin thru ya hood like a stealth ass jet When I drop this tape You'll get yo bed wet And tell whatever his name He finna get checked bout dem death threats Peep my death sentence A punk bitch bout to learn who the best is U just decrepit Disrespectin piece of shit Yo lips fixed tight around my weapon Tonight And I bet u won't u bite this time U cursin the day Yo tale and mine became intertwined Peep the signs Interstellar science droppin from rhymes And from my mind Bout to put these homegrown Clones on landmines Break bones of these clowns goin pantomime Ready to ask questions Silence when it's time to answer mine So is it all good? Cuz if it's all good U stand down Or get planted now is all understood?
Track Name: Quit Droppin tha Sauce
Yo rhymes hit the microphone & deflect They been rejected Some kid started bumpin yo tape So I done eject it Subject to be respected Ain't shit sacred? I swear all y'all niggas be some vagrants Occupying the pavement This nigga ain't no where near the deli he never touch fetta Don't fuck with spaghetti I'm gettin my fetti And fuckin yo bitch while she on her belly You stuck in shit duckin quick Before I hit you wit da banana clip & split you & sprinkle my nuts all over you shit Lemme burn a Thai stick Rhymes quick & hit em wit the maneuver that ain't the heimlich And inspire a biter to hide inside While my mind click You stupid shit You never safe out in public Stick em dumb quick My brain click Cut off yo dick when I flip but unlike the blade I won't switch Look what I done made You trippin over grenades you ungrateful shit off in this dirty game Rearrange ya face wit dat Louisville slugga Remember me its dat nigga sold u bakin soda by the dub Won't buy you grub Go buy you love You dyin in a pit Like the rest of them niggas that done been hit it I thought I told ya quit droppin tha sauce I peel ya scalp back & inspect them thoughts Savage inhuman on my enemies Impersonate the police And Confiscate yo hooptie Doin a buck fifty poppin shots at a helicopter On the morning news spaghetti blacc on a rampage proper So guess Where the storm will be next Im Aimin at they chest before they can make an arrest I'm bouncing paranoid off the shit I hear from my speakers Gettin me hella amped to die So I guess I have ta sympathize Wit niggas bitn my rhymes They gon change my name From spaghetti blacc to cyanide When u swallow my game Leave you hollow when it detonate Yo rep is fake I disassemble yo weapon And toss yo mama in a lake How she doin anyway? Lemme advise You'll have to quarantine that bitch when my dick spray in her eyes & realize I hover over y'all shit nigga like flies I'm just that fly U just Layin on the pavement while I'm buzzin u bouta die
Track Name: Farewell
Leave this nilla twist up good like a wood I won't miss understood Under where I stand A grown ass man be lookin like a dead ass peckerwood Deck em g-check em Slippin ain't never been barred up in this biz You gettin hit by the barge After we done chucked yo ass off of the bridge In mid daylight So what u gotta say to the mic? You bound & gagged Covered in gasoline I'm bouta ignite I paid the bouncer We cornered that mouse Beat his ass emptied his bank account & shot up his house Dropped some beats & smoked an ounce Wanna squash beef But Busta we broke out wit his teeth Now Who the fuck wanna battle me Mental patient rotten like cavities About to cause another casualty And it's all fatalities on mine I'm crackin spines Better peep these signs of my design & stop droppin dimes Clown ass nigga I'm too real for you to have ever perceived me in public Ima snatch yo fuckin dub But you can miss me wit the dumb shit I'm known to dump shit Fuck the function I'm comin rugged & rough Ain't takin no shit from a raggamuffin Grape Rocky road Kiwi Cucumber Whatever flavor Cush u lookin fo we got that lumber Who next to get smoked That'd b yo number Got this sniper rifle up yo ass Wit no Vaseline or a rubber Motherfucker This ain't no hallucination These hollow tips got u racin Kidnapped yo loved ones In pieces in my basement
Track Name: Pet Cemetery
Thought these punks would rest in peace But they wanna bang like anvils Ima need an Advil Cuz it Remind me of a bad deal I don't think I intentionally hopped out the whip just to throw glows So it goes I'm checkin these niggas makin sho they ain't the popo's This crackhead talkin about a bird & I don't mean a dodo So Me & the big homie haveta hop back in the 4 do Don't know what type of shit These niggas fixed wit This ain't no place to set up business Unless we wanna come up missin These young street chemists They so hard headed They never listen Even after that time he was lookin at prison But I'm jus the nigga that spit rhymes Useless like a contest of pissin I can't talk shit I'm shootin like I play for the Pistons Just for you to see this shit my wrist in And how you finsta be sittin In yo own shit when it come I won't be outgunned Just waitin on the outcome Lookin thru my window like Malcolm So if u catch a peep of a nigga off that powder don't blink If most these cats were as high as they say they would be unable to think Good thing that these rhymes were written down for me Is what I'm gonna say after they bring up my lyrics as evidence While on the hot seat It's fo my posse Them niggas know to trust no one We let some questionable folk up in our circle and it ain't even fuck wit our focus I can't hear you over the sound of the thought of me fastening this rope Tightly around yo throat Oh did u choke I'm away daydreaming I ain't notice Yo neck broken U spillin respect up on this tech wit yo ass smokin & soakin Shoulda just let it be But I gotta let sleeping dogs lie In a ditch Peep ya gravesite you son of a bitch You won't get found till niggas dig for oil & shit & if you contaminate my soil Ima piss on yo soul While I puff on asparagus Spaghetti Commin bananas without manners Dismantle ya clan Overwriting programs When ya tech jam Get a grip fam I just busted you across yo dome We ain't cousins For me to do a sucker like you in is nothin You speakin sloppy Didn't think I knew it You ain't real I would whip you wit me pistol But yo face might go rit thru it But I'm equipped to dump on everything u ever touched & everyone u love is gettin smoked like a Dutch Rolled on like sitting ducks We pulled out some gats While these niggas was still clutching on they solo cups If you scream you gettin stuck Regular routine Spaghetti blacc done served yo ass some fine cuisine Goulash supreme Run yo pumps bitch y'all be some punks kid Disgusted by how we lace our pitch with mustard But don't get this shit twisted we ain't them clowns you fuck wit You in my trunk I'm doin 190 in a souped up bucket & I might jump Let the shit crash into yo block When we funk I pop in the magazine & let it thump Better shake that ass fo me like my name Donald trump Puffin skunk & I ain't even shit on these niggas yet Game thicker than gunk from a tree trunk Ice rink around my neck Cuz son I still get respect This ain't no drill I'm on dem pills You better run Or you gon get killed
Track Name: Tru Gong
U a sucka notch up on my belt & that punch u threw was hardly felt Look to the sky if you lookin to spy the future materialize from your mind's eye in any weather U'll find a nigga like me dressed in all black leather Wit my eye in the scope & im sittin on the roof I'm lookin at yo throat While u at yo family barbecue & I bet yo family taste good too I'm goin home wit a doggy bag fulla you My mind goin puffin napalm Chugging bru I'm always down to throw a fist & start a fight or two So what you gon do I'll bust at yo knee caps With hollow tips Who gives a fuck if you practice that Kung fu But nigga now imagine this It might be hard to swallow Like 2 gallons of malt liquor piss Punk I'm leavin ya insides hollow Witta ski mask of skin made from a white boy I grip my toy and dip right back out to the night Swervin down the street Finna kill these niggas pushin an armored truck Bumpin spaghetti blacc Loadin up clips Cuz I ain't goin out like a punk U posthumously made the front page news Holdin charges for a Mac guess u finally paid dues I'm back to block bustas Cuz We done played you like u raid tombs My gun cocked And finna pop I won't give a fuck if it don't stop Might leave the spot Drivin a white & blue drop With my sirens on Drivin down the wrong side of the highway Striking like a python Servin this bitch pipe While standing behind the mic My verses tear up the mix And my disses remain sick So I'm Rollin up in the whip And droppin the hit On wherever you live I'm livid down to get shit lit Don't get it twisted I'm ripped This ain't just spit My dick get hard off this killa shit
Track Name: U No I Get Funky Dude
Rollin wit a gang thicker than six hundred and sixty six Of crazy burning hay niccas Ready to kill quick for that fix I give a fuck pull u out the caddy Beat yo daddy badly After I flash this fake badge & empty the clip into yo weak ass Nigga where's the candy Bet y'all still scared of the boogie man Son of Sam You can't bite my style Nigga don't u understand U must b fresh off the ship with this shit So we gonna slit off yo dick Ship u off to Afghanistan in cans Yo mixtape got cancelled But I still have at least one earthquake planned Cuz man I got the mic in one hand No cops in sight Ima spit that shit that'll fill yo ass wit dynamite & get hype Watch it light This ain't no beef fool When I ignite Thought I saw yo mama dancing at the strip club What's good wit that But when I knew I saw yo black Cadillac and Put it on flats Straight ignorant On these surrogates Spaghetti bet u never heard of em Bitch I need my fetta So it ain't no thang for me to murder you It's overdue Drawin upon my dick & pissin While I'm standin over u Now u sippin on sumn true U still get beat black & blue If u don't guard yo grill When I attack dude Slip & get ripped witta jab Or get stabbed There ain't no ring or no bell So I can't tell I might pop some shots But don't tip the cops off I'm running game like Macintosh But on my Microsoft I'm spittin out apple sauce Better shut up & wipe it off Bitches ya ho card Get swiped & stolen And holes get put up in yo front door When my click steady rollin Patrolling For the Po Po's cuz I'm prolly already on parole Veins fulla petrol I'm outa control Bouta eat ya fuckin soul So u know I get funky dude Might get sued for smokin on my own short fuse I get lewd When it's time for me to embarrass you in the street You'll be nude By the time yo ass make it to the infirmary You musta been on sherm Don't know Wat u heard But it's about time that u learned about me So I spit venom Grill em with the inner essence I done spat since my early adolescence It's no contest Stomp ya teeth in Just for spittin that nonsense In front of Keenan Retort wit a verse Leave the club laced geekin & bleedin & reekin of semen Cuz I came! Jus to kill these niggas Punk fucc da fame I got flames to be extinguished Gat in yo face nicca Time for that Jesus piece to be relinquished And you better run it clown Ion Give a fuck if u don't speak English Pull up on you wit da doo wop Or I b new Jack swingin
Track Name: ฆ่าอย่างเดียว
Pick up the newspaper Peep this shit bout me Spaghetti blacc deceased Witta pic of some nigga Who don't even look like me Now I gotsta go door to door Adjusting niggas lenses Recognize this game Or put up yo defenses Shoot a fake Or stab on em Break the tracc And gas on em Killer whale ain't never fail Forensics ain't got shit to tell Get hit wit this ninjutsu shit And get flipped do a backspin And when the gunsmoke clear Niggas realize I was only rappin Bitch nigga what in the fuck u reppin Nuclear grade shit from the atomic Dogg Is what u done fuckin stepped in I draw down on all of y'all Body fragments flyin through the street Disposing bodies so savagely But peep my technique Can't recognize game Won't respect me Nigga where my check Hit em wit a scepter and jet Shut down they sector Pick em all off one by one nigga bet Ain't no nigga too big to get g checked If they ever been caught talkin reckless They must not need they mouthpiece Recalibrate it wit my fist And I bet a bitch wouldn't even doubt me I'm built for this murder shit Down to get niggerish Bear witness to the astounding Leaping over trees bounding And my beat stay pouncing I'm fulla zest And zeal down to pit six off in yo chest U feel? Y'all Infest the game & im sposta deal U kno I heal Even if I gotta use my own shirt As a tourniquet And regroup Drive by wit grenades thrown at ya stoop & no proof We poof Let loose in the booth To the neck with the goose Cuz the boof bulletproof And another thang about you Nigga everythang stolen Bouta leave yo face swollen U done stepped to the omen I'm rippin him open Throwin his intestines in my grinder And smokin Getting visions of the future while I'm chokin
Track Name: Bow Down
Haha yeah What's up nicca?? Hittin the zag & im vapin Makin noise in a scraper Take a sucker & brain em Blood all across the pavement I gets respect Check that dialect I bring to the microphone It's the same shit I be puttin down on yo wife while yo not at home Cuz there's some shit I can't condone Pull my strap from my pants Bouta fuck these niggas wit no condom on & u know ya boy a sick one Contract some lethal shit When my hollow tips rip off ya flesh It's for fun Spaghetti blacc with the rhymes spun U tryna hate on me That style u claim Well it used to be mine son You sour like a sucka and u know u stuck Spaghetti blacc livin lavish Kickin back and still not givin a fuck But these niggas gone and thought I quit rap Like a bitch sap When I could drop tapes Even if I was kidnapped So why open yo mouth If u only sound like u don't know what the fuck u talkin about Been on this earth for bout a quarter And been to every corner And here I stand up in yo grill Fool U a goner So why the fuck u wanna hate I break you down up off your level If u ain't got the guts to levitate Then Ima plant u wit yo own shovel & I ain't showin niggas love I'm drawin on my revolver If the nicca sittin on velvet & chrome he a goner And like I said before homie The poley wanna send me back to the pokey but they ain't got the okey dokey So here I stand smokin my dope Sellin it by the gram to the people But ain't no discount Even if u were the fuckin pope Chop blop blop wit da ak Finna runaway from this gunplay You know it's inevitable anyway Some say Finsta learn why the sun call me sensei Cuz I step up in the dark and let the gun spray sparks Hawk talk from the drop top Make a cop stop My skylark But I ain't put my shit in park Instead Ima drag this white boy cross the blacktop Mash the gas I'm smokin crackpot theories Can u hear me clearly Bitch ass niggas disappearing Like holograms after the message is complete So go ahead & holla fam If you willin to compete wit me Peep wit me Some loc'd out niggas lookin crazy on the ecstasy But I won't let it get the best of me I won't tweak If I need a smoke I'll cut down a fuckin tree And be out on gold spokes
Track Name: Kowtow Again 2016
Bow down once again You gon get yoself hurt Now u dat fool we all know Keep his face in the dirt And it did it hurt when I swung on ya? No answer Covered in dirt punk this ain't a coma youza goner I'm terminator on these hoes I dispose will never bow to my foes I suppose I be gettin sneaky on my ten toes And you the next nigga bout to get exposed I have evidence Of espionage And a nigga like you Ain't never gettin pardoned So bitch I'm at yo bitch house Extra hard wit my dick in her mouth While u shittin on dicks up in the big house Up in that ass once again Like some rill big shit Dat nigga dat'll hop out the whip Make u kiss the biscuit Penitentiary chances Dare I risk it? Prepare for the wolf comin from where None of ya business bitch I bet u know I'm comin sick So shut that trap Full of acidic gooey shit Thinkin about testin my nuts I got more fo anybody U a dead body Bazooka glock shotty Scope infra red Have it yo fuckin way Or I can put these knuckles into yo head And leave you shiverin on the pavement A nigga insane Goin nuclear grade Gon haveta pray I won't take the planet away Awake to tectonic shakes From the chronic break And that's when I roll up on these snakes Like papes Or planet Of the apes Contaminated our brains With cheat codes for the game Bitch say my fuckin name Open the blinds bitch it's raining fire It's the apocalypse if sucka ass niggas don't retire I'm in the cut locc in up U kno I needsta be loaded But with this gun in yo face all day I can see how u ain't notice Now where the safe! U ain't no sage We conducting cyber crimes In the digital age In USA trick Follow me now to the depths of hell Yo new home Says the chauffeur From the chamber of me glock chrome Soon you'll know him well I swear upon My moufpiece My rap gift I spit U up off this earth fool don't doubt me You gotsta recognize I always been about my funions Even on em days when I ain't never seen the sun Don't trip cuz fool I ain't been caught flex For a sucka u wanna test my rep U better start second guessin U stoned A long way from home Out of bounds ass nigga Don't know how to play zone Must have some fucked up chromosomes Draw the shit I kept tucked upside yo dome like a phone U rapping like a clone And Ima bouta send yo broke ass home
Track Name: U Damn Fool
I be that nigga Riggamortis got me stuntin Wit my Chord less phone Headhunting Noggas know my beat knock And I'm always up in somethin Thick like quicksand But bouta tear like a pit U saw me on the block And didn't stop to take a shit Get shot From the heat The beat & moufpiece U damn fool Gimme ya chains I'm out like a ghoul On goop the loop the hops that Dogg food Aka poop Fork over the loot Knock out ya gold teef Wit my steel toe boots Socks fulla grease U can't catch me slippin Pin prick wit da infra red Beam on ya forehead This ain't no dart game Creepin in the dark Ready to tear flesh off the limbs And rip yo spine apart Y'all swine ain't smart In time y'all flock I pull ya feathers Ho cards Wit berettas That I draw U can't speak to me Ion give a fuck about none of y'all A dirty ass crow unload the clip when he caw Take precaution Kickin down doors like percussions And rushin Yo crew got hushed Yo bitch got busted Yo hustle knocked Them chains came off That head went pop Leakin on the concrete till that heart stop And make yo momma mop it up Wit her tongue And a see thru top Your feeble flop Might top charts But it ain't hip hop I got that base rock Stay laced around the clock First contact Don't contaminate the game Whatever that shit u lames play Better not mention my name U ain't finna pull up in yo range So ain't shit funny Niggas ain't playin This that bang bang Shit jumping off like an orangutan But intangible I remain You can't pin shit on me homie You singin to the pigs Bouta shit on yo homies And I don't owe you shit Roll up off me Get smacked wit da clip Before I can even pop it in And then once I do The bloodshed'll begin Spaghetti blacc rap Sphinx Labeled a cold killa Right on the front page For what I did to that frontin ass nigga Dismantled ass clan Broke ass fans Posted on the block still kickin cans I scan em down Scam em and tell em run it clown And u the next nicca bouta get left face down In space Out of bounds My ace Loading rounds Don't make me Sicc em hounds I'm sick in the head from smokin loud So u want some beef wit me Go head and holler fam I got the magazine on me and I don't mean cosmopolitan These niggas'll need ten watches Jus To learn what time it is I handle my biz Rhymes flyin like circus kids My circuits did Done shorted and sizzle Killin niggas for sport My nizzle spaghetti bizzle The blizzard up on my chain Been spittin this game since way before the ice age mane G check a nigga Wreck him & drop em on his neck No respect ass nigga Got hit by the train We run on the tracc
Track Name: Oxyn of Xanxibar
I said mind yo business Bitch I'm coming sick in the head like Sid vicious Slicker than candy paint on tha whip But you gon have to find me down in Zanzibar Dressed like a zebra Wearin a mink coat God Got the snizziper rifle Aimin at ya throat And I can't wait to see yo face When you find out this ain't no joke Thought I wouldn't be missed But spaghetti blacc back up in yo face witta diss Wit my dick A tracc fulla snaps claps plus dem Kung fu kicks Groove it's a stick and move I'm on some platoon shit Punk I ain't playin wit you Febreeze em glade em Spray em and cut em open wit da razor blade And spay em Spaghetti blacc a crazy spade Strapped to my nutsak chokin off the bomb nade U suckas is bitch made Scopin Don't be a hero fam U just b another zero Another digit on my check U a casualty of my respect smokin From a hole in yo dome Like u smokin on a ozone sack Comin on the tracc like ten oxen on crack Peep the breath of a bull The chi of steel Quiet like vegetables But u can sense the beef really real Get smacked wit a hub cab Due to an incident on the tracc You gonna get gat in the bacc By the conductor spaghetti blacc Runnin train Gummin cocaine Cussin Itchy ass fingas Mind fulla kush still linger U niggas'll need novacaine To numb yo body from the pain Pump shotty to the brain Trump Gotti is my name Skunk hydro harvest U couldn't even smoke wit me So it be no question who the hardest Regardless Yo guard down I'm chargin in like that bull And now u stuck to ground U fucked I keep a buzz like a substation And u can't rap cuz so u playa hating? Is nothing sacred? You must be vacant mentally Tryna step to me Yo neck catch mo than strep Hot death off the strength & im back on the street sweeper shit That mister he ain't so sweet shit And cops can't squeeze him fo secrets The way it's sposeta be Everybody so hype to expose What happened to being silent like a g & its them niggas u run wit that ya can't trust Leave you assed out in the rain kickin rocks & Eatin dust So u expect a nigga like me to give a fuq Bitch u can give it up The bag watch chains Earrings and everythang I'm on pills Ready to the pull the trigga & fuckin kill in broad daylight Cuz I cop my insight from a basepipe U basic U scared to see if I make any sudden movements You can't keep your eyes on my hands & witness everythang that I been doin Fuck nigga hit the deck like an anvil For u today has just been cancelled Hit wit dat instant cancer And yo infant can get shit Twist game lil nigga come up missin Nuclear fission soup is what I been sippin how bout you? Double fistin when it come down to fisticuffs yo mouf get stuffed & I won't pour out my bru fo you A nigga gone of them spirits Might start practicing voodoo Lemme clear the crystal ball & exhale the gunsmoke on y'all punk bitches n bail Spaghetti blacc been gassin Y'all niggas just ain't do y'all mathematics Or eat yo carrots You can't stop me That's why I'm laughing
Track Name: dummyhard
These lil niggas thought they had me stuck They out of luck Can't come up off this nigga who don't give a fuck I'm creepin like the orca While I'm goin dummy hard A power source Saga food for thought For when the mic get swept up like a credit card Discharging that ol twist em up and bang shit That a lot of cats can't hang wit Nowadays niggas be speakin a whole new language As I sink my fangs into this rhyme Induce the hallucination Allow me to break down the situation Niggas finna call me out for doin the same shit they doin But betta So they betta pick up some clues But stay up off my nuts I'm finna sew Or split y'all up like dutches Prick a nigga like a cactus Guess who back at this? Comin sicker than radioactive Acrobatics from the mouthpiece Assassin type stunts Salad tossin ass niggas Ain't even big as my lunch It was all just a game Till a bitch mention my name So me and the mic commence to run train Niggas hit the fence Peep my aim Spill brains And peel a cat cap back like sunkiss Scan dem niggas u run wit Dey look like snitches Pigeons Certified bitches The code Of a g got me religious I'm stickin to my gospel Give these noggas goosebumps when I go hostile And take a hostage Burnin sherm sticks Drooling earthworms Beating cops unconscious Trap house niggas turned monstas In the bodies of mobsters And we take off in space saucers Niggas get they gold fronts Punched in and stole Or hit wit the fo pound Round for round showdown Niggas betta know now How this shit finna go Hit the Flo This ain't no drill nigga I'm out the do Fueled off white Coal The cola in my soul The sword in my paw The clenching of my jaw I put it on lockdown Don't give a fuck who on top now They shot down Bx town on the map My whole block is hot now Bonkers from the grand concorseto Yonkers Straight playas Ballas plus them rhymesayers Whoever yo favorite Owe respect to my town in payments In lay men's terms they make out checks to my pavement Where I keep pacin and Packin Waitin for slackin Testin my mackin Rest in peace to my niggas rappin
Track Name: Creep Like the Orca
Said let me flip my fins 1 time You'll find we them Pimps that supposed to rhyme And we can wet it up My nigga toss me the beretta Watch as spaghetti blacc finna Have dinna Kickin it wit that sicness Always on that insane shit That shit that's goin around Contaminated Can't contain it You think u on waves My nigga I smell blood The orca bout to heat they ass When I creep they all peep and run And I knows nothin except to kick up the funk Where the fuck u think we came from Bitch nigga Be puttin tags up on they toes Hopin out of el caminos And be Stompin thru Windows Cuz it don't matter to me they gotsta go They imposters Tryna get they lips all on my pasta Better stick to ya own plate Fakin nigga U stepped in shit We Robbin niggas at ya own wake Stupid fiend get choked over a damn flake You don't mean shit to me We aint family I'm like Rambo But goin mad tho U can catch a jaw fulla commando U finsta hide wit yo head in the sand Cuz u scared of a savage Chemically active Bitch can shake my dick like a spray can And the results is these verses on my tape fam These niggas wanna talk shit Like they know shit Couldn't guess I'd hold em hostage And pop the hallow tip & made him swallow it Spaghetti blacc steppin like this infantry And put this weapon up in ya face & show u how it sposta be So don't trip jack I got the hammer cocked back On the Mack eleven Ready to bang and make yo brain splat On the way to heaven Knives fly out These niggas surrounds my whip U about a see how they lives play out Ima lock down the house My own niggas'll haveta stay out & ignore any screams they hear on the way out This time It's goin down like this That funkadelic g shit wit the psycho twist A punk can definitely get split Wit the biscuit I seent it It wasn't on screen Till the cops apprehended me Nigga do u comprehend Me and this fuck bitch shiznit ass game won't blend Meanwhile ya whole click wearin depends Cuz of what I did to yo last friend You ask when will wrath end Ski mask fastened I got my flask guzzlin Formaldehyde Mixed with a shot of acid U comin flaccid While I'm still spittin classics What happened Nigga it's all tacit Yo ass just got handed back Them spaghetti blacc tactics U tried to take a crack at Mixed with black magic make a snake life tragic So pack yo bags I'm known to get spastic Might catch a whiff of a nigga Goin off in an epileptic fit Off the shit he done been lit Gettin sick in the head wif his syndicate while u spin dis shit
Track Name: Vital Signs' Power Source OverKill
Peep my murderous urges This ain't beef I'm jus flirtin On the ground boy u hurtin Cuz u kno we berserkin Lay it on thick Like a whole stick of butter son Leave these botches goin And rotten smokin bubblegum Plotting How to get my next figure in digits Finsta flip the script and start pullin ho tickets I ain't takin no shorts Ima kill ya cohorts Ima rob & export Cuz that's my favorite sport Who finsta die It's u or I And I'm all about my fetta Spaghetti blacc came shlicker than schitt Strapped also holdina Barretta A true go getta But Ima sick my bitches on u nigga And be out in the n wind n shit Benzo Rollin Zip of that Bombay stolen U want some funk ho kiss my colon Get a sip of this golden Turn around for the pokin This broke ass nigga life finna give me a head rush This a shiv boy not a cactus That's coming out of my mattress I settle my itch for satisfaction And I'm strikin y'all like matches Infected wit da madness Finna settle my sco wit the planet Until then I'm standing over you Wit a broken bottle goddamnit Bout to carve it cross it to face You kicking and screaming While I drag yo body out this place