eternal mousou

by Spaghetti Blacc



released October 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Spaghetti Blacc New York, New York

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Track Name: eternal mousou intro freestyle
I've witnessed what u consider pimpin Nigga it ain't nothin A bunch of stale lines Comin from a frontin busta I'm shakin the rules Still payin dues Raiding tombs Playing fool's crews like doom Missing screws out of tune On chewy biting shrooms Perfume on niggas Jus for standin on the avenue And u knew I wasn't mad at you Spaghetti blacc witta whistle Finsta check yo attitude When the smoke clear That's when I kick it into fif gear And this year Ya gots no choice but to disappear Like the reflection up outta my mirror Now u trippin on robotussin Get yo head in the game When it bounce off the curb Now u cursin bout that last concussion mane I'm dusted might start bussin mane Nigga trust steady busted Had to peel his cap back like a bottle of sunkiss I don't give a fucc blacc hold they family hostage If they ain't leavin u the notes Don't even leave em a carcass Finna make a beat Outta pummeling niggas into concrete Just tenderizing my beef Just recognized spaghetti Gotta back flip to that cat piss I'm bat shyt with the answers Fork over the gold I got the code to make u explode I gotsta roll Sumfin like a tank fulla doja You shoulda known when I showed up I'm on drugs boutta unleash from the shouldas Put u in that coma Come back Like yo life support chord I'm finna snap Spaghetti served over Ice U skunk can you fuqq wit dat?
Track Name: whole game on swole + cypherphonk remix
Catch a whiff of the lick
Buckle up quick
here come the whip
Leave em Layin dead
blood red like licorice
Make a wish that nigga lit
Rip shyt tossin trash cans
Cuz I'm coming so niggrish
Doin damage
Sound like I was tossin hoes
In da back of my ham sandwhich
But that was u swallowing my fist
Standing over u like "dam bitch"
You lookin mo red than a canvas
So they gonna find u in Atlantis
Wingspan chuckin
Niggas be duckin
Get trapped betwix my talons
Now say that shyt to my face
Before you get dropped on my battalion
Coming so raw like I just fucked a stallion
Blood up in my paws
I'm jaws unchained
Creeping thru the fog mane
Serving the law a free hot dog
Like it's baseball bitch
I'm goin to work
Liberacci fingers bouta make the beat twerk
Beat off my tech skeet shells in yo smirk
Reek havoc raise hell
Fuqq niccas amazed
Chop my way thru these raids
8 arms swingin blades
Napalm up in my brain
The game smoked like an eighth
My ace broke out the safe
I taste coke on my face
I waste punks they disgrace
I hate bunk ass rappers
Wetter than snappers if u claiming fake
Yo name I erase off the tombstone
And place that chisel up in a cop's dome
I'm gone off that homegrown
And roaming thru the school zone
I blew bones left with red lipstick up on my gat
Throbbing Mack 10 in my other hand
Can you deal widdat???
When will they learn to jus hand me the pure
I am both the disease treatment & the cure
The whole game on total swole ho
& U da next that's gotta go
Still blacc born spaghetti
swingin machetes
U thought I would leave the game
How can I when you're not ready

Said nigga youza fuqq
Bet it must run in ya family
Cuz I done seen the way yo kids run from my clan
It's that finger twistin bastard castin spells
Tossin shells
Sun of hell
Sportin bitch repellant
Tossin bottles on niggas
Crackin skulls makin a killin
Null be my only feelin
My eyes sweatin in the scope
I wouldn't give a fuq if u was the pope
Even if u was my momma
u can expect some drama
And I ain't talkin bout beats
But yo tech might jam in the streets
Now you got a face full of toe jam
Espionage done scanned u down
And fucked up yo whole program
Niggas can't understand
Where on the menu can they eat spaghetti over beef
Punching out all of them yellow teef
Now u mumbling when will I ever cease
Got my gun tucked up in yo fuckin gums
Fulla heat
U waitin for a nicca to let u speak
Yo body parts up in crates
I'm chewing on yo intestines like cake
You got
Hell of a lip to run on a nigga
But if I'm covered in blood
Staring at the sun
It's yo mistake
Yo life's for the taking
But you knew that
Who that crew fulla rap cats
Spaghetti blacc schitzo gnats
Plus wit bat shit senility
Telekinetic abilities
You just a relic u feelin me
Or do I gotta spell what I'm dispelling
Welcome 2 H-E-L-L
Track Name: Dagger in yo chess (4am deep pulse jungle tickle mix)
Ima gaff these niggas
Can't rap cuz I done baffled niggas
Cat gat ya tongue
With these raps I done spun
& dispell all shells
When I bust you go to hell
I got rust up on my gills
You smell the musk up on my bills
I'm in the gust like its a drill
I'm in them guts like a pill
Boutsta rupture better hold up
And motherfuckin chill
But a nigga never will
Cuz this spit shit so incredible
Move weight in bulk like the mo fuckin hulk
Go head and sulk suck ya teeth
You get plucked off the streets for discussing this shyt
We taboo on the streets
We da flock like geese
Flipping grease making police do backflips
Thems ain't acrobatics you can practice
You got the game backwards
I'm waiting for matches
When that ego snap
React foe shrapnel dispatch
Mind's retina detach
To Scan each synapse
Sent skinned alive tortured captured
Two fists for earphones when spaghetti blacc rap
Track Name: mousou is dead
Hatin ass niggas get they wig pop
Simple ass shyt when will it stop
Spittin this game since my minor years
Tell it to the choir I ain't got no tears
Harder than the bumper on the bus
Crashin thru yo front door if u fuckin wit us
Niggie roll me up & we outta hurr
Sprinkle all that yayo up on the pure
Noee runny lips white as fuck now
Ain't shit to cap a clown for the takedown
Big nugget on the block
But u shake now
I smoked you
And ya whole clan get the shakedown
Arms swanging thru the night just like a crowbar
It's some bussa ass niggas on my radar
I'm finna dig they grave after I raid hard
I ain't no brave heart but for blood I slave
It's the nigga eating shark
From the trap house called k mart
Str8 out the loony bin wita grudge
They wonder why we stuck em up
Cuz I ain't showin love
Track Name: VS Kodaimousou
Just add it on to the pile
Another slab of that beef
Layin it up on thick
Stackin on niccas head wif dat grief
Still the vile king spaghetti
Packed with vials & machetes
Get retchy
10 blades soar outta my coat into yo belly
I'm betting
You niggas come with the Anna
But not enough ammo
Ima wait till they turn off the cameras
& go bananas
& you'll awake at the bottom of a canyon
Please forgive me I'm just rambling
Don't even know how I'm still standin
But even if my knees buckle
I can headbutt a nicca skull open & chuckle
I'm possessed & be out on the double
If you out on the town
You best look out for that trouble
Headin soufbound
But he from the North Pole
Had the whole game on swole
When I was twamp trey years old
Damn near 3 years ago
Still coming colda
Coulda cut that cola wit baking soda
When them white boys showed up
I was y'all Crackas owe us!
& everything I spit be that bonus
Spinnin out doin donuts
Chillin out like some grown ups
What the fuqq nicca?
Track Name: I Only See Weakness
Nicca youza mark and I Neva did trust ya
If I see yo ass on the spot Ima bus
I'm ballin in the game wit no mercy rule
No picture no interviews
I pulled a lick now I'm lickin some sinews
Syndicate sizzle off the short fuse
I got my talons wrapped around yo neck when I court you
Just ask my cohorts
Swingin axes chokin off that shit we wuz last snortin
Mission aborted
I done born you myself
How you get the game so goddamn fuck contorted
Youza duck sittin perched up on some war shit
Up in niggas heads drillin in lobes
Sendin hoes & hot ones cross the globe I suppose
I ain't the type to get rolled on
Dynamite type excitement
So nicca, fuqq yo whole riot
And you gon sleep like a biych tonight
When I lay this lead pipe upon yo face up in yo eyesight
And after I kill ya Ima fuqq u in da ass
I ain't playin
Bout to ignite yo whole
spot soaked in gas
Track Name: Zukkake Mousou
inigga like me gots no soul
And what's to see you die
And you can see it too
At the lit end of my fry
I'm jus pulsating on the beat
Marinating the same beef
Glocc throbbin
Head bobbin cuz I'm nodding
While bank Robbin
But you don't remember the criminal what's his name
Called him noodles
Try to bite
Now you droolin
Holdin pieces of yo brain in yo lap
Oozin not movin
Youza student lemme lace you up
I spit this game cuz there's no chaser
Peel ya scalp back in mid caper
Mid section penetrated apart
From da shrapnel
And you done shat in yo shoes
Befo you ever paid dues
Ima tank & a tryuck ain't no lyin bout dat bruh
Crush niggas flat
roll back
And bus niccas baccs
And it don't matter where u from
Who u love
Jus cross the game once
And get diced up
While I light up This lye
And conspire a rhyme
Situation dire enough
To expire if you ain't bucc